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How we can boost productivity with Trello

Have your ever been so overwhelmed, stressed, or unable to focus on so many things and felt unproductive as a result? Chances are you probably answered yes. And you are not alone. The world gets more complicated every day and sometimes we find it difficult to catch up with everything we need. Or maybe we are doing a lot of tasks, but they don’t have real value for us, so it doesn’t look like we are being productive at all. Be it at your work or in your personal life, it’s easy to get lost from the path and end up not accomplishing what you want.

In order to get things organized and stay in touch with our goals, we need some system or tool to help us. That’s where a productivity solution comes in. Thankfully, there are many options available, you just have to take some time and search to find the one you like the most. For starters, Trello is a good, easy, and visual tool to manage tasks and workflows. Trello organizes projects into boards, lists, and cards. It’s based on Kanban system, where you can have a view of all tasks and their progress in a glance. It is a powerful tool in which you can manage projects, tasks, and whole teams in one place.

Getting familiar with Trello is quite simple. The first thing you want to do is create a new board. A board represents a place to keep track of information, it’s where you have a bird’s eye view of everything, whether you have a big project to manage at work or you’re just looking for a place to plan a trip. Next, you have the list. Lists are the columns of the board that show the different stages of a task. It’s how you can separate things by progress, like “to do” or “doing”, or any other way you want. You can title and arrange lists however you want because Trello is totally customizable! Use the lists to keep tasks organized and to create a workflow custom fit.

The third element of Trello is the card, the most specific and analytic unit. Cards represent tasks or ideas and are created within a list. They can be anything that needs to get done, like a sales report or a school project. Inside a card you will have all the important information, like the description; the members assigned (if you are using with a team); checklists with the smaller, more actionable steps; attachments and due dates of that specific task. As you make progress, move the cards across the lists by dragging and dropping them to show their status. Besides all of that, Trello allows users to go even beyond with some advanced features, like automated actions, custom fields, power-ups, productivity metrics and different views.

Trello’s intuitive features give any individual or team the ability to quickly set up and customize workflows for just about anything. Although you have a good set of things to work with in the free version, you only take the most out of it with a paid subscription, which may not be exactly cheap. But for most people, the free membership plan is going to be enough to start being more productive. By the end of the day, no matter which app or productivity system you choose, you need something that you can rely on and be comfortable using consistently, so you can get things done, progress in life and feel good about yourself.

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