Data de entrada: 9 de fev. de 2021

.I'm a life observer and what i take with me are my connections with people, that only being possible to be bound through language. Every one of them carrying a universe of singular culture and beauty to be immersed in.

I study english not only to connect with other people, but with myself as well. I believe it's an experience that opens doors and changes the way you see of yourself and your surroundings.

When i'm not working on bringing my daydreams to real life, i'm usually drawing mythical creatures, listening to all sorts of music (specially synthpop), spending some quality time with my dearest ones or all the things above at once.

🐝 ninja words > whizz words

Author's note: I'm the girl always smiling at class and I also like to eat my pizza with a knife and fork

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Isabela Barcelos
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