Data de entrada: 29 de jan. de 2021

I'm a language lover who's aspiring to be an English master one day. I love studying how languages were created, how they change, how they work, and how they affect our brains.

I learn English because it's part of who I am. I love being immersed in it and expressing myself in a different way. Being able to talk to new people from all around the world and discover the unique universe that exists inside the English language is an experience I thoroughly enjoy.

"To have a second language is to have a second soul" — Charlemagne

Besides English, I love La La Land, writing, and listening to music as well. Sometimes I like to study some complicated Physics theories to find out more about how the universe works. Moreover, I try (and fail most times) to understand Math. I enjoy learning new things, as long as they are interesting and resonate with me.

author's note: no. i do not fold my pizza. i eat it with a fork and a knife.

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Beatriz Caixeta
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