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Hi! And welcome to my intro bio!

My name is Julia Tolentino, I’m 22 years old and a medical student trying to make a real difference in people life, especially in women’s life (OBGY aspirant).

I spend my childhood moving around from town to town in the North State of Brazil and got the chance to make friends and meet people who changed my view about this crazy world we live in.

I’m passionate about music, movies, tv shows but I considered that my ultimate hobby is tennis. Moreover, I adore travelling and meeting new people from different cultures.

My story with the English language started off from a young age, my father was my biggest incentive. He made me attend private classes and explained to me the importance of learning English. Not only that, but he introduced to me my favorite band – Queen – and gave me all the CD’s with the lyrics so that I could sing along.

Since then, I fell in love with English and now I just want to keep practicing with people that are as passionate as I am.

And for those who are wondering… Depending on the type of pizza I do fold it.

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