Data de entrada: 12 de jan. de 2022


Hi y’all :)

My name is Maria Clara, I’m 15 and I love a bunch of things like cooking, singing, playing the piano, listening to music (rock, soul, jazz, pop, folk,etc), I also love movies ( currently my list of favorites consist of 250 movies), I also love making lists, and talking to myself. I didn‘t lie when I said i liked a lot of things. But, currently my biggest passion is reading and I believe that there is no greater pleasure than reading a good book for the first time.

My goal with masters is to improve my english to the top, so that when it comes the time for my exchange program I have no problems!

If I were a song, I would probably be Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder. I know, kind of weird right ?! And you‘re probably wondering: Why this song? It’s because no one can break my stride when I want something, and if I want it, I will get it, and no one can stop me(also because I’m a big dreamer, and that basically the music‘s them)