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Hey there brainiacs!

My name is Bernardo, I’m currently 16 years old and I joined Yas by the age of 11, that was when my world got flipped upside down. This school really changed my mindset and I will be forever greatful for it. Joining Yas was undoubtedly one the best decisions of my life.

Besides acquiring a ton of knowledge I also made friends and went through experiences I will never forget. I have always been really well-accepted in all classes, which increasingly motivated and encouraged me to attend as more classes as I could. On my best days, I would attend around 10 classes per week and I did it from my own choice, it really shows how amazing and interactive our classes are. On Yas, I found a great community I would never be able to find in any other school, and a good community building is of utmost importance when it comes to learning. Every time I think about this school, it brings me a great peace of mind, I sim to learn and get increasingly better.

Back then, I was used to think that education boils down to grabbing a book, reading and doing its activities, then, some weeks later, you would take a test in order to double check if you have “learned” all of that information. Since a young age, I could realize some flaws on this methodology which made me not be interested in what was being thought. I always felt like I was forced to attend classes, because I didn’t want to be there, I didn’t know why I was learning all of that information, actually, I was mostly not even learning what was required.

When I joined Yas, I could realize education goes way beyond of what regular schools methodologies propose. As aforementioned, they really changed my mind, hence, my life. Besides getting fluent in english in such a short period of time, I totally changed the way I study and see education, it makes me fell I way better person. I can finally say I’m proud of who I am, thanks Yas.

Hopefully I will be a teacher here on day, in order to change people’s life, just like Yas have changed mine :)

I will be forever greatful for all they have done for me, and I want to do the same with people who I can call my student.

(Fake till u make it)

(it’s only worth it if you work for it)

( standardized tests does not show students intelligence)

Ninja words>whizz words

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